We can almost guarantee that you will reach your terminal safely and punctually as our airport is equipped with

  • ILS
  • DME
  • NDB

and offers the option of a published

  • GPS approach

Our professional team will not only guide you safely to the control area but it will already have cleared the runway of ice and snow when at other airports you would have hold, waiting for clearance.

Control area Augsburg = Airspace „D“ = 3,500ft/MSL = 124.975 (ATIS=124.575)

Radio navigation and landing aids
DME AUG 115.9 / CH106x
ILS 25 AUG LLZ 108.50
GP 329.90
OM 75 dashes
MM 75 dot-dash
DVOR/DME KPT 109.60 CH33x
DVOR/DME MAH 108.40 CH21x
DVOR/DME WLD 112.80 CH75x
NDB MIQ 426.5

Local flight restrictions

When taxiing or hovering on the apron, pilots are responsible for the safety of their immediate surroundings. Sufficient distance must be maintained to other aircraft at all times. In order to hear information and warnings you must stay tuned to the tower frequency. When taxiing on taxiway S (part of the apron), pilots are required to stop at the stop markings in order to make sure that taxiing further is safe. Beware of aircraft with running engines on taxiway Sierra as those could be a hazard to other aircraft.

Taxiing on the marked taxiway is only permitted after previous instruction by the tower!

Geographical airport data
Airport coordinates N 48 25 30.57 E 010 55 54.35 640m W vom THR 25 auf RWY-Centerline
Altitude & eference temperature 1515 ft / 22.9ºC
Apron, taxiways and local data
Apron surface and condition ASPH; PCN 50; 4000 m²
Taxiway surface and condition TWY A, B, D 30 m; C 40 m; E 50 m; M, G 15 m; ASPH; PCN 50
Please note: Entrance and exit taxiways and parts of the main taxiway “M” are situated within the IFR safety strip.
Airstrip 50 ASPH
07 071º THR 1510 ft N 48 25 24.193 / E 010 55 24.776 RWY 1594m CWY 145m
TORA* 1406m TODA* 1551m ASDA* 1406m LDA 1355m PAPI 3.3º
25 251º THR 1515 ft N 48 25 37.365 / E 010 56 23.750 RWY 1594m CWY 199m
TORA** 1406m TODA** 1605m ASDA** 1406m LDA 1331m PAPI 3.5º
* 71 m longer if the asphalt area in front of the allocated RWY is used ** 97 m longer if the asphalt area in front of the allocated RWY is used
Service and facilities
Fuel / oil types Jet A1, AVGAS 100 LL / 80, 100, D-80, D-100, Multigrade SAE 20 W-50
Refuelling facilities with fuel types Tankstelle = 100 LL & Jet A1, Tankwagen = Jet A1
De-icing möglich / 1 Sprühfahrzeug
Winter service vehicles 5 Schneepflüge, 4 Kehrblasgeräte, 2 Schneefräsen, 1 Sprüher, 1 Streuer
Briefing Briefing / Selbst-Briefing-Raum

Passenger facilities
Taxi, car rental (several companies), bus connection to Augsburg main station and Munich Airport