Augsburg Airport is equipped with various technical facilities that support pilots in different weather conditions.

ILS 25
ILS 25 is an instrument or precision landing system for landing during bad weather.

NDB is a non-directional approach aid used in bad weather and serves as an additional navigation support during visual flights.

DME is a distance measuring tool for aircraft.

Weather monitoring station
The tower is equipped with a weather monitoring station. It is, however, not used for forecasts but only for monitoring. It regularly provides the airport with information on the weather.

In order to ensure an international connection there is a customs and a police office on the airport premises (see map).

Employer at the Airfield
Augsburg Air Service, Airbus Helicopters and Babcock MCS Germanyis the largests employer at Augsburg Airport. Its portfolio includes selling and servicing various aircraft and aircraft types. Beechcraft’s customers are located in European and non-European countries.